keluh kesah

Assalamualaikum wr wb
I should’nt do this, writing on my blog instead of doing my task. Sleeping instead of doing that.


Hohohoo hai readers *geez, like there’s any*
Itu di atas post yang saya buat sudah lama sekali dan jadi draft. Dan sekarang saya kembali ke wordpress dengan perasaan yang sama…. haha
I really hate myself my lifestyle my laziness and my egoistic mind.
I even missed my prayers just doing nothing. Haaah i miss my home and my leisure time without any worries. I abandoned my homework, my module, and my organization thingy, I always run away. But that mountain of never-done-task keep coming and coming to my head. They are calling to be done but I don’t want to do that oh please somebody helllllllp. I want to study but I can’t focus on a single thing. The month is February and this condition will continue ’til May. I can’t do this. I need someone to help. I need somebody to listen to me and understand. I’m the worst.


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