Monthly Archives: October 2015

#np : Locked Away

anggap saja ini chat, ini curhat. jadi ceritanya…

ausi drama banget kalau lagi dapet

terus gampang stress…

kalau ada yang bilang ausi kuat aku gini aja : emote :”

kalau ada yang bilang ausi rajin beuuhh u dont kno me sowell mabro!

emang semua orang ada flaaaws, ada aja cela di hidup gue.

satu yang ga pernah bikin kecewa, Yang Di Atas

baik banget padahal banyak dosa, baik banget padahal usaha ga seberapa..

you sing for human : tell me honestly would you still love me the same ? :”) thats human~~~

but when you worship God you’ll know that yes, He loves you forever 🙂

so why lean on human? aah.. cos we need that support.

PENTING! lonely feeling is the saddest thing in life.. and we all want somebody to stick around in the hard time, right??

bisa ngomong gini karena udah ber drama dulu, been there.. done that..

so why lean on God? cos He’s the only one we should put our hopes to, and the best part : He’ll answer

whatev ur condition, whoever u r, JUST HOPE & PRAY  and HE’LL ANSWER! :’D

never dissapointing. never leave us alone.

so.. CHEERS!

ps : it may take time, it may not be what u expect BUT be glad. It’s the answer and u’ll learn something. something really important in ur life thru the hard times.