Monthly Archives: January 2016

Trick or treat

At the end of the day I started to realize that not all people can cope with us. Our pace, passion, and energy were not same afterall. Being the one who lead is tiring. After so much time invested and energy wasted in the process, we’re drained.

I bet you may stop and think, “How can people work like this? What do you expect? Will it be worth it?”

Vice verca, being the ‘burden’ is also tiring. After so much trial and error, we’re drained. And you may start to ask the exact same questions. Isn’t life ridiculous?

Sometimes we are trying so hard we work our ass off climbing upstairs and yet we can not see any sun beam. Maybe life was once a clown. He is full of trick and he look absurd, but all we have to do is to enjoy the fun. Watching him alone maybe you’ll think about his absurd face, but together you may start to feel the happiness that was shared by your friends’ laughter.

Life teach you to pass ion, share those vibes you got, man. It’s not always how tough our day have been that will ligthen up people and inspiring them. Beware of your ion!