Sometimes I wonder why we love

for love are uncertain

Like the beauty of sky,

sunny days and clear and warm,

it rays from up above, to touch our soul

But then it comes to us

making shadows

Like the stars and the moon, it shines

In the dark,

brighten our night

Like when it rains,

dark clouds,

wet and cold

But the scent of yours remains in each drop

And bring back memories..

Can I tell you again someday?

That love, are uncertain

And I wonder why I love







You know, I am just an ordinary girl and can be easily touched by the simplest thing. It’s my first poet tho, and I decide to publish it as a new segment of this blog.  I was inspired by the one and only @lucedaleco Instagram feed. I adore her, really. Vintage girl, melancholic souls, productive, and smart chick! Her words are strong. She is one of my favorite blogger since looong time ago; Diana Rikasari, Evita Nuh, and Claradevi Handriatmadja. You can check her feed 🙂


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