A Childhood Dream

Hello again, blogger!

Growing up in Indonesia as a 90’s generation, we, kiddos, we’re used to watching Japanese cartoon every Sunday; Doraemon, Detective Conan, Chibi Maruko-chan, Saint Seiya, Ninja Hattori, P-man, Crayon Shinchan, Cardcaptor Sakura, Minky Momo, etc. -you name it. But for a geek like me, watching them wasn’t enough so then my parents also subscribed a tv cable. My favorite channel was Animax, of course.

The bigger impact was mostly made by my older sister. From her, I began to know about reading comics and listening to Japanese band. We were a big fan of L’arc~en~ciel. We began to listening to their every new album, buying cassettes and CDs, even watching their concerts and world tour from VCDs! Not to mention the other band we like. Huge collection of them were stored in our old PC.

Quite surprising, eh? Yup. But it’s all the truth. Myself in the elementary school was that geek. I grew up watching animes and reading mangas. Comic books from Japan known as Manga were keep being sold in the bookstore in Indonesia until now. I read them, over and over again, I buy them every time we went to a bookstore, I wait patiently for the next chapter, I spent my time drawing in the class and making stories, I recreate the character in my own drawing and send them to the publisher. Even my childhood dream was: being a comic writer.

As I hit my teenage life, I began to like their dramas (known as J-dorama) and anime movies as my school schedule won’t let me spend too much time on that kind of thing, I need to focus on my study. And of course, there wasn’t a room for a being a comic writer in my family. Instead, I become a doctor.

So that’s how a Japanese culture affects me. I always want to go there…

They say childhood was the time of inspiration and dream, and adulthood is when we bring them to reality. There was once a time that I have to bury my dream. Facing unacceptance from a one-year Intercultural program called AFS, I feel sad almost every day. And I cried really hard one time. It’s almost unfair because I was officially accepted, but the institution was facing a hard time as they were short on money. Months later, after the other delegates have gone and living in their dream countries, there was a letter addressed to me. A decision was made: I can go to Japan for 3 weeks. Wha! As I remember, it was scheduled for my 5th semester of high school. Critical time for a final year student to study because we were facing a selection for SNMPTN undangan. Facing the headmaster, and I got no permission from the school. And that’s how it is, a childhood dream of mine had to rebury one more time.

(to be continued)


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